Begintro 00:59
Alreadywon 03:16
Dollarbin 03:32


Begintro just felt like the right way to start the record, it reminds me one an intro from one of my personal favourite producer albums (guess which one). Just something as simple as it is dope.

Already Won is just me saying that I'm content with what I've done so far. Basically that I'm not trying to compare myself to other people or their standards, just trying to raise my own. I like this joint.

Been Gone has some lofi goodness on there. No real theme with this one, just something that was fun to throw together to make the people say yeah.

Stay Vibing is one of the first beats I actually made for this project, probably months before any of the other songs on here. I was still learning a newer machine and messing around with different ideas and tempos. It's a little different but I like the feeling of it.

Time Pass is another joint that I did all in one day, beat, raps, mix. Just talking about how I'm not trying to wait around for 'something' to happen, rather going out and doing my thing.

Dollarbin is one for my fellow beatmakers, recordheads, crate diggers. The artform of cratedigging is (to me) sometimes just as much fun as creating the beats themselves. I dig it.

Average (originally titled We Don't Do Average) is my ode to PR & CL.

Necessarysteps was the last joint that I recorded for this project. I think it's a fitting way to end off the record. Basically just sharing some of my views on creating, putting in the work and keeping on even when things are difficult.

Until next time. Love you all.


released October 7, 2016

Album written, recorded and produced by Ambition aka AMBEEZ.


all rights reserved


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